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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Tantra for Men.

Tantra fpr Men

For the sacred no-sound to begin there needs to be a meeting of male and female energies is a very specific way.

Tantra fpr Men

Men really benefit by reading Tantra for Women page because both men and women have male and female energies when living on purpose. One of the biggest challenges that men tend to face is relationship breakdowns.

These breakdowns are even more devastating when we have children involved. Have a listen to this first video were we discussed this common situation. 

Beginning with understanding disconnect from female energy in male is also essential.

  • The role it plays is felt in your session.
  • For vibration to be felt there opposite energies need to merge like beautiful music.

This page also introduces you to earth energy concept of healing.

In this video my client talks about his personal experience.

To help you understand the standard sex tantra that are offered around the world just for the money. Make sure you hear what he has to say about; his friend revealed to him that she is a TantrTantra for Men Master your body by awakening your sensesic Sex worker. - She says she does it because it's great money. (She says none of her friends know because she's in hospitality industry. not the kind of conversation she wants to have)

There are many tantric providers that do it openly due to the type of people they associate with and relate to.

Tantric Sex schools tell you what to do and when. There is no true self expression - just compliance to another technique. Humans buy into lies every single day.What you get here is the way Tantra for men was created to be understood. Only when you begin to value yourself will you seek to understand what is healing and what is damaging. This Tantra for men service is designed for the man who seeks to improve relationship with his own body first and foremost. 


Melting vs. destroying.

In this video hear how; "Every form of healing therapy is a form of control. All physical healing is a form of manipulation that just takes in the body. It does not involvel the soul. On this page we want you to discover new levels of healing ".

Learn how to Feel safe when you allow your pain to be heard. It is then that you stop hurting.


Genuine Growth and passion. 


You'll fully experience the feelings described by many clients in the recordings and begin to also use the sexual energy for your work, finances, health and relationships. Tantra for men becomes your all embracing reality.

How this works for you when you become aware of your body.

Uncover the forces that influence every reaction. Every feeling, thought, and action of your life are Energies explored. 

Tantra for Men & Self Mastery.Tantra for Men

 Master your awareness of your body.  Create ultimate relationship with your loved one, your family, your business.   Identify where you sabotage yourself.  Define the action to take that keep you focused on your goals.  Tantra for men self mastery series puts you on the path to with your sense of value and purpose.  Develop useful supportive rituals that keep you satisfied and fulfilled. Tantra for men is designed to maintain the feelings of joy even when things may get tough in order to succeed in life.  Your body needs to be prepared to feel new feelings by unravelling the resistance to deeper feelings, only then can Tantra Tremor enter your body.

Improving and healing Relationships through tantra for Men at Concepts of Sexuality.

    Our clients have gone on to improve their relationships with their bodies, their healBody needs to be prepared to feel new feelingsth and relations at home with their partners.  Focus on lives and careers.

Most of all they now wake up next to a partner who is a delight to sleep with.

 The Key to Tantra for Men is to awaken areas in the body that have been trapped through resistance. Particular simply because you've been holding back sexual energy from your genitals in order to last longerHolding back has created separation. Your body now feels truly alive as you surrender to the inner vibrations pulsating throughout your entire body.

Tune into your body. Your senses connect with the sexual energy that is sleeping deep inside

Tantra fpr Men

Resistance is the enemy of healthy relationships.

Tantra fpr Men

your own body. 

The feelings of your vital functions being activated transform your body balancing male and female energies. If you understand what you are about to receive then it would not be Tantra for men. We can only understand what we already know. Tantra takes us to a feeling inside of us that we are not aware of. There are many services out there that are scripted. The therapist in their training is provided with a script. That would make it immitation tantra. It would be as artificial as an artificial flower. Fresh flowers live and die. Artificial flowers remain the same year in year out. No life. A standard prescription is actually the very opposite of what tantra is really meant to be. When you feel new feelings that you cannot possible understand only then you have arrived at authentic Tantra for Men. 

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For men - premature ejaculation is often an issue (support with your health and connection to your body is our primary focus).