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What people say about Concepts Relationship Therapy. 

How Can Concepts Relationship therapy fill my spiritual emptiness and heal my relationship issues?

What people say

How Can Concepts Relationship therapy  
  • fill my spiritual emptiness

  • heal my relationship issues?

What people ask for;

  • I want to go deeper.
  • How can Concepts Relationship Training improve my life. I want to fill this void.

First we need to get this right if you are to get any benefit at all.

The word Tantra, Tantric sex for enlightenment is thrown around in personal development circles as a way to instant wisdom through wild abandonment.

We read everywhere this promise. What people say about getting rid of pain and tension. Going into emptiness and instant bliss. 

What people say about tantra is an interview between Tasha and Kelly.

  • We are having this conversation because this is what people say when they talk about tantra sex.
  • Have a listen to this lovely lady talk about her awakening.
  • She actually offered her words to be shared with you.
  • This is initial awakening.
  • She finally realises how fractured she was and what linking feelings actually feel like.

Their question "Are there dangerous aspects to suddenly accessing this powerful spiritual energy. Or is it just the abandonment of allowing pleasure feeling to flood you?"

K: I hear people talk about Tantra as a magic pill that anyone can learn to teach and set up their practice making great money within a week. This is confusing for me as I see many therapists adding that to their list of expertise. How does Tantra compliment natural therapies and massage therapies.

T: Tantra is a powerful tool that has to be approached with right intention and integrity. If your are general and generic about your needs then you can get lost in a sea of immense pleasure that drops you swiftly and you are out seeking pleasure again.

K: Tantra Sex is taught as a instant path to enlightenment, can you explain how this can be. As I look at the world, there is as much unrest as ever. It seems instead of enlightenment they are trapped in pursuing pleasure. Families are still breaking up, children are missing a parent. They are being moved around between the separated parents. Single parents are struggling. I don't understand, if tantric sex is so powerful, then the whole world should be at peace by now.

This video is a conversation with one of my total package participants. Some of this will help you understand how weaving works. This is what we hear about tantra - the weaving of energies. Weaving of energies involves all of your life. If you only practice it in the bedroom you cannot associate it in life. If you life it as part of life - all of life really. Then that weaving is expressed during love making without having to think of technique.
When you are thinking of technique, you are identifying with techanque but not with your partner. When you learn to be absorbed in whatever you are involved in then you are including your partner. This way you are not doing to him or her. You are actually fully appreciating him or her therefore you are fully in your own unique ecstasy. When you are in your unique ecstasy, all other energies are drawn to your uniqueness. This is how you at that time feel as one with all creation. At this moment that stretches for ever you are all spritual. Because you are embracing all with love. You are not separating your lover from his/her source. This is weaving.

T: Tantra is the deepest respect for the Soul and spirit body. That has been the missing link in all these therapies. When we begin with soul journey that we have forgotten about and bring it closer to the physical this is when the transformation begins. There needs to be acknowledgement of where we come from and where we are heading beyond this life. With right guidance you can have that in the first session providing you are prepared to be honest. Spirits are all around us and affecting us whether we acknowledge their presence or not.