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Kundalini Meditation changes how we perceive the world.

We are then able to see the world consciously as it truly is. The process cleans energy channels in your body. In this video Ben talks about depth of healing he received from Kundalini Meditation appointment.


How Kundalini Meditation works.

In this video Ben talks about depth of healing he received from Kundalini Meditation appointment.

Kundalini awakeningIt is simple technique using your senses that creates communication between your soul spirit body and mind by establishing your own rhythm enabling you to connect to your life force. This is connection between you and your life.

Just as we brush our teeth, bathe, do our hair; daily spiritual routines clean our mind supporting us in being mindful and healthy. We find we are more present therefore less likely to continue to make same mistakes over and over again.

Creating Stillness through Kundalini Meditation.

Meditation when applied daily and mindfully creates stillness centering clarity thereby ensuring we do not just react rather we handle stress creating solutions that serve everyone around us.

You are introduced to stillness through guided journey of your body and soul. I find this the most effective way to connect your conditioned body, mind and emotions. As I soothe your body/spirit/soul, it begins to respond to a touch that is not manipulating it. Until now you would have experienced touch therapy as a form of manipulation. A process of pushing muscles and lymph system around. In this process that I have developed your own cellular consciousness begins to participate in the transition.

Kundalini Meditation workshops & classes.

Classes are best utilised in conjunction with therapy and private guidance. I the Kundalini Meditation workshops and classes we take you to deeper understanding of your personal process. Plus you get to interact with participants who are actually using these systems for their personal health and business wellbeing. Within workshops & classes you have an opportunity to be surrounded by new experiences. Some struggle within the process their entire lives until they have had guidance through differences of feelings guided to define unique sounds movements of preparation and integration. While private tuition is powerful - group dynamics often propel us through a portal we may miss or be entirely unaware of until we witness someone else's transition.

Kundalini Meditation Private Tuition.

Private tuition is the most empowering gift as you are supported in the transition from ordinary to ecstatic states of being. Transition period is where we are most vulnerable to thinking we have changed or touched something devine when in fact we have been given the idea that we have transformed.

Executive Private Kundalini Meditation

This private session incorporates bodywork to connect you with your body ensuring body, mind, spirit, emotion, soul all come together in harmony.

In the early stages we must become aware of the specifics of feelings to ensure we are not just stuck in a technique.

Ego and fear have a tendency to demand instant results through instant gratification.

Ego often shows up through pain of resistance and multitasking.

Resistance is delaying true experiences. Kundalini Meditation will bring you to connection.

We have been conditioned to be forced into compliance and change, this makes this very loving feeling seem strange because it is a totally new feeling of pleasure we are not accustomed to.

Kundalini meditation awakening tenderly entices flow into rising up your spine. As your energy expands, your understanding of how the world around us is designed begins to make sense. How your perceive your world becomes incredibly clear. You'll be aware of where you are running from and where you moving towards in your life. Comprehension of reality becomes unlimited, unrestrained by normal living concepts that the rest of the world lives by.

This meditation trains your body to become strong and to remain open to the flow of essential energy channels as well as impenetrable to undesirable influences. We begin to live respectfully and consciously with love as our faithful guide.

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