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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Service Menu - Foundation of understanding values. Bringing a deep sense of joy of internal alignment.

At our very core; we are a therapeutic relationship service.  We begin by defining values and events that are sabotaging your relationship and those that enhance. 

We are here to bring benefits and connections to your deepest and most specific needs. These needs only reveal themselves in a connected and nurturing environment. We offer private therapeutic services that encompass all of your life.

Service Menu

We bring all your fractured cells and thoughts together. Only when you are fully relaxed can your mind and body come together to collaborate as one. Our focus is in brining these fractured parts of you together.

Rejuvenation Therapy.

Bringing awareness to the inner world that is always regenerating and rejuvenating. Rejuvenation begins in a peaceful setting. Your internal world is your default setting. Our aim is to bring harmony to your internal world. Detoxification of the toxic and unharmonious world within begins with inner realisation. Your body is always in state of rejuvenation. The world we continue to re-create interferes with our ability to flow with natural state of regeneration and rejuvenation.


State of relaxation defines our state of regeneration. Detoxification of unwanted thoughts is foundation of our services. Prescription drugs combined with repetitive patterns of behavior rob us of relaxation and clear mind.

We build your own personal program the moment we speak.

By listening to your inner voice and inner intelligence backed by 27 years of experiences with clients from all walks of life we guide you to your inner intelligence. Your inner wisdom is your healer.

Our intentions are the energy that drives our aspirations.

  • Identify values that are at the center of all relationships. 
  • Values will determine whether your current needs are met or unmet. 
  • Most people operate on limited set of values (fear-based values). 
  • Get clear on the message you are sending with your actions and attitude. 
  • Change what you do and change direction of your life. 

We begin with first appointment that begins with change. Our intention is to have definable sustainable progress. This man shares his incredible journey.

From that point we plan your future sessions. You may require just one or two more sessions for sustainable changes to flow in your life naturally.

Full Service involves;

  • In video above - you can hear woman speak about negative energy leaving. 
  • Removing negative energy that generates stress in the background. 
  • How to connect to your life in a more fulfilling way. 
  • Stop self sabotage. 
  • Enhance good qualities. 
  • Eliminate stress. 
  • This video below a man talks about his transition. 


What We Offer;

Align to the deeper values of your soul. Understand your ego and value it brings when it has it's rightful place. Life force advancement. Soul integration. Soul growth and development. Massage. Pre Surgery. Post Surgery. Integration of soul body spirit. Personal mastery (letting go of limiting beliefs).Living for Health. Intimacy Coaching. Ongoing Support. Internal alignment. Connect to authenticity. Connect to richness of life.

And how that impacts your life.

Lets begin with a simple list of options; beginning with Foundation Level.

Begin with real transparency.

As you listen to this video below, you'll hear what I mean about transparency in how to begin with it.

The vital impact energy has on the entire session. And how without it we really can't do much.

Get clear on what you want and where you are in your life now - Foundation Level. Mastermind coaching and therapies. Service MenuRelationship therapies. Business relations and the impact your business has on your personal life. Your relationship to your life is at the core of living on purpose. Take you beyond your justifications of your daily habits that sabotage your successes.


Love Teachings - insight into loving (is it all about sex or is there more involved?) Loving feelings begin well before sexual feelings truly awaken. How to approach everything in life and what is missing. Explored through (living the life you love) Begin Now. Exploring human behavior for better relationships that impact intimacy at the very core of every relationship (Silver Level). 

Reawaken passion for emotional clarity.   

How are you neglecting your relationships. At the root of every relationship are emotional intimacy struggles. Emotional self love. Self judgement. Getting clear on quality of friendships in your life. Emotional relationship loving.        

Schedule your appointment or Private Retreat 2 days to 30 days. Contact us.