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Understanding Tantra Touch & sound as powerful tools in self-discovery 

Understanding Tantra from the perspective of the fact that everything has spirit and soul. You know you have begun understanding Tantra when everything about your life and the universe matters.

Understanding Tantra

At the very core of Tantra; everything matters. In a time where almost everything is disposable, replaceable and instant. In a time where many expect tantra teacher accreditation within maximum of 10 days. Instant is unrealistic. It takes years of training and living the principals for anything work instantly & consistently.  

Understanding Tantra

In tantra everything matters. When you contrast this with current sex therapy tantra where anything goes this would come as a complete shock to a person reading or hearing this for the first time.

The mountain has a soul; you can take refuge in the soul environment of the mountain. For many people, they become aware of emptiness in their life and well-being, escaping to embrace of nature is their first thought. Often they do not even realise why they feel deep longing for some aspect of nature. Within the soul of that aspect of nature are also the healing properties of the community of plants, herbs, trees, soil elements as well as native animals that make up this community that your soul is calling for.

By understanding Tantra secrets, we can begin to reestablish our frequencies to the call of the elements of nature. Nature has been sending us it's signals for thousands of years. The call of nature is as powerful as is subtle.

We need to slow down to accelerate our frequencies that meet the signals the soul of our planet is sending our soul body.

First we need to come together with our soul. This is where it's vital that we explore depths of understanding tantra and it's origin.

This video clearly describes the power of allowing connection. A client allowed himself to feel his soul

Understanding Tantra

When you become aware of the disassociation you have been living within by allowing what has been separated to come together; your own cells reveal secrets to unity. 

Understanding Tantra

and spirit. Because he allowed his soul and spirit to merged with his body, it was easier for me to guide him through the process of receiving the healing spirit beings.

He is a normal human who has not been exposed to this until his appointment.

This demonstrates the power of intention. Spirit can feel you intention. Purifying intention is in the teachings of understanding tantra. When you are on the fence about anything; your soul and spirit are parked away from your mind, body and emotions. Getting clarity offers refuge in a community of total environment that supports your intention.

  • Sound, touch and guidance are completely personalised to your current needs.   
  • They are the key to accessing deeper feelings through tender Soul Connection massage.   
  • Your are introduced to centering your entire being by connecting you with your energies. Your body is no longer fragmented.   
  • Your become aware of the gaps by permitting these areas that have been separated to come together.   
Untamed, fractured energy opens up your body, mind and emotions in reaction to everything. Tantra is about purifying your vision to be able to determine the pure path for you.  

On this site, people clearly describe how important it is to have a guide who holds that place of truth and honesty for you while you are in this vulnerable state.

It is about the intimacy of deeper communication and understanding.