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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Tantra School of Integration supports you in encompassing everything you enjoyTantra School of Integration supports you in encompassing everything in life in your life. 

Seeking Tantra guidance for relationships comes with the greatest challenge. When you begin to seek; you are only partly present. You know something is missing. With that missing part not participating in the search; identifying the truth brings about it's own challenges.

 This affects every aspect of your life.

Tantra School of Integration brings together all your elements including the ones you are searching for. When you have had the experience and the feeling of what it feels like to be whole, from that feeling the search will have meaning. Like dolphins that travel in pods. Completely focussed on power of the team. These pods may travel in herds of several hundred individuals. These pods of schools come together. It is the same with humans.

Human Consciousness manipulated by authority is distorted consciousness.

Within every human cell there are levels of consciousness that have been suppressed by all the information you have absorbed as part of living in a society that uses human mouthpieces with textbooks to keep them bound to a system. These books give authority to the human presenting them. Depending on how well you commit to memory what is given to you; you are deemed as intelligent or worthy of being a leader. Then you tell everyone else how well this information is stored in your brain. This then drives all the decisions you make. No wonder relationships are under stress. People are stressed and anxious all looking for a way out of their misery.

In this video a woman shares the feeling and experience of shifting consciousness when you reach the dimention of wholeness.

When all of you inside of your is communicating then you can begin you journey of joyfull life participation. This video shares with you the realisation of feelings on deeper level beyond intellectual understanding.
Pain of separation is identified and moved to connection in this video below. 

Studying dolphins gives you insight into human behavior. Dolphins use similar strategies as some human social groups. They manipulate their environment when hunting food.

In search of Siva Linga and it's meaning, I found this link. Here you can begin to understand what my clients mean when they say pillar of light entered their body. I was born with ability to see things as they are. No one could manipulate me into believing. This gives me the ability to guide you towards your inner knowledge.


They have highly developed language skills. They have been observed protecting people from sharks. There are as many predictors amongst people as there are in the wild. So to are people who can guide you and protect you. Dolphins have been observed leading people back to land. They have been used to locate people lost at sea.

This one is one of the realisations of  Tantra School of Integration session  this client had he shares in this video diary.

Beware of Shutting Down Your Sex Center.

Sex techniques need not involve genital stimulation by your tantric therapist. Sexual connection with someone you do not love shuts down you sex center. Your sex center is your power center. Do not limit your power.

This creates guilt. Guilt leads to disassociation. Many are offering sex techniques because they do know sexual energies is where pleasure lives. Sexual pleasure is in the passion of connection to the life you love to live.

G-Spot and what that does. It's not what you think.

  • Tantra sex instructions that focus on breath techniques.    
  • Holding back ejaculation for men.    
  • For women the focus on G-Spot distorts the connection of sexual energy flow.    
  • Further creating separation no matter the spiritual story that it is wrapped in.    
  • We get real here about the dangers of making potentially damaging decisions.    
  • Mis-interpretation of these energies can ruin your life, your relationships and careers.   

Tantra School of Integration Encompasses every aspect of your daily environment.

Upon careful awakening of sexual energies, learn it's elements and how to apply. These energies flow through into your day as you move through life. Sexual energy is your most powerful  energy in the entire universe. Mostly you waste it on struggling with mundane issues. When we know what to do with it and are conscious of the power then it will speak to you.


It will reveal itself. Just like when you meet someone new. It's important to observe their qualities that distinguish them from everyone else. If you do not recognise their uniqueness, relationship is doomed from the start. There is no point in adding more distractions to your if. When misused it becomes self destructive energy.

Dispelling myths about Tantra.

Any success is earned. Relationship, love and sex is no different.

Feeling safe to feel and explore your highest potential in every area of life is the sexiest experience. Knowing your ability to influence the world with who you are and who you are becoming is your power to love life you live. When you feel alive sex is fulfilling. It acts as a charger.

Overcoming self doubt is your greatest victory.

When you seek to learn something different it definitely does not match the crowd thinking. That is what makes you unique. Recognise your feelings are meant to be your feelings. No one else can have that same feeling.

This one is one of the realisations of  Tantra School of Integration session  this client had he shares in this video diary.


This is what makes you stand out from the crowd. It is what makes you unique and interesting. This is what makes you valuable.

Learn to be valued by discovering that unique element within you. This element rides the ecstasy of joy and liberation. Liberation from the mundane in every area of your life.

When you feel your uniqueness, your immune system links with the power within you to the powers available from the outside sources.

What you'll learn;

  • Break down the constraints of the inner images and outward expectations.      
  • Realise your own inner conviction by reprogramming.      
  • Overcome fear.       


The content of fear may be intense and gripping.
So much so that it overwhelms us completely.
But when we look beyond that content at the fear itself.
What do we find?
Pure energy, energy which, if we focus on it directly.
Will begin to reveal its real nature.
Then, instead of filling us with agitation.
The energy of fear can actually lead us to a state of exhilaration, or intense concentration, or love.

Ancient Hindu Scripture

Practice with courage to believe in Yourself.  Study and live your truth. Remember, your truth continues to unravel, grow expand. Use;
  • Self-observation.      
  • Self-knowledge.           
  • Break the dependency of complying with mass thinking that prevent joy from being the most visible part of your life.     
  • How to break the bonds of the fear of success and fear of failure.

  • Understanding the nature of illusion and reality.