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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



White Tantra was brought to the people to get them out of worshiping false gods that manipulated them into  servitude to the higher casts in India. 

White Tantra transforms your relationships. Master your emotions, feelings and thoughts. Your desires and fantasies become something you enjoy rather than deny. Master you mind. Live with a mind that takes you where you want to be. Improve your communication. Understand impulsive decisions and how they often create stress in your life.

White Tantra cuts through physical and blocks that affect relationships in every area of your life.

It is glowing awareness of every element that affects you and how you affect others.Open our mind to permit soul spirit and heart to be heard

  • Strengthen the blend of Body Mind Spirit Soul. 
  • Connect to deeper meaning and richness of everything and everyone around you.  
  • White Tantra deconstructs every programming you have ever been subjected to.
  • From the time you were born, you have been expected to follow the people around you.
  • You were often expected to just take on what other people said.
  • You were taught to prove what is taught to you to be correct.
  • That is the normal you too come from.
  • Now you seek liberation as I did - but everywhere you turn there is another cookie cutter technique.
  • On the way you have come across black tantra that claims to liberate you. Or Red Tantra
  • And you believe that to be the way to pleasure living.
  • This is where we need to begin with promises of spirituality.
  • Like buying a new computer or dealing with a crisis on your digital device.
  • First you need to be able to identify friendly situations and the dangerous ones that look like and say they are there to help.
  • White Tantra is the same.

I'd like to share with you what these clients have to say. What they felt redefines Tantra (as you know it) and switches your brain to receive advanced level of Living in Relationship you deserve to have.

Join me in the Tantra Living that connects your soul and spirit. This merging engages you in living the life you personally design your way that benefits all including you.

This process is referred to as De-Armoring.

Here, restrictions that keep us stuck in our heads are released. And pain and fear no longer rule your life.  

  1. For Women  
  2. For Men  

It's best to begin at the end result first so you know where you are going. Don't think about the process, think about the outcome, then these feelings become real for you as well.  

In order to open our mind our body spirit soul and heart to greater possibilities hearing what others have been able to access gives us direction change this concept of control while stepping into immersion of being one with all things.

Home of Kundalini Concepts. When we allow the pleasure energy to flow, resistance disappears transforming pain into pleasure vibrations.                     

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