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The world we live in as broad as our willingness to step OFF the trodden path and explore the world around us.

Turn away for a few brief hours, from what is binding us to conform with the known.

I have just come across this link, despite knowing about this product for many years now, using it at home for just about every purpose. Yet this link is new even to me.

This is not meant to replace medical advice. Please ensure your do your own research resposibly.

The title is about "foods that can rip apart your insides. Enter here.

Uses I know of as an example:

  • Fatigue    
  • Cardiovascular Disease    
  • Sunburn    
  • bites    
  • water purification    
  • food poisoning    
  • colds & flue    
  • high blood sugar    
  • headache    
  • diabetes    
  • asthma    
  • herpes    
  • malaria    

and much more; check it out for yourself

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