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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Videos are in the links of individual pages below.

Relationships are full spectrum of engagement with life.

  • Emotional Release. What that means. One mans talk with me about his experiences. That helps you understand the trends and the pitfalls. 
  • Transforming Dispassion. When you think you have done it all, what then? 
  • Shamanic De-Armoring. Facing fear and what it means to be with it just for a moment. Everyone has fear that stops progress and real communication. 
  • Couples Intimacy the fear and the challenges that face just about every couple at some time in their life. Have a listen to this video here. 
  • Embracing Pain; when the habit of controlling it is often tempting. How to make sense of it letting it speak to you. Listen to our talk here. 
  • Working with Source Energy. How sound and touch are physical feelings that can heal. 
  •  You are the sum of five people and how you are affected.

  • How healing energy this Aikido video helps you understand sprit of flow of energy. 
  • Journey to connection and integration. 
  • Working with past and future to live now. 
  • Working with your vision board and how to prepare the content.