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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Understanding Your Body and it's connection to every interaction throughout the day.

Understanding your body


The way every aspect of you interacts with every thing you do. When ever you put anything into your mouth, the act of putting food in your mouth is a relationship. Whenever you touch someone or someone touching you is a new opportunity to understanding your body.


When you pick up a child, this again is a new opportunity for understanding your body.

Your child is not the same child as the last time you picked him or her up. This time they are expressing a different feeling. Or your child is sick.

Or just sleepy and you carry him/her to bed. This may be an adult child of friend or husband or wife you are with but today they are expressing under different circumstances. Again this is a new opportunity of understanding your body and how and what you feel. Become aware how you stand and how quickly you have an answer.

Your mind is a conditioned mind that acts like a fortress. Your conditioned mind will fight anything new. Together we will set your mind free. A conditioned mind is a mind filled with misery. It is carrying millions of years of negativity. Your mind is tired of being controlled and of having to control.

I work through your body to reach your mind. Your body consciousness influences your mind and emotions.

This video will help you understand more clearly how I work and the meaning within this page.




Do this instead of your typical reaction whether it be to withdraw or have a instant solution.

  • Replace this reaction, take a long slow breath and bring your entire presence to this moment. 
  • Notice the difference in your inner being. 
  • Become very aware of that. As you remain in this present state different feeling arise. 
  • There is a new interpretation of the immediate world around you. 
  • Some things that were so important to stand for begin to soften in their attitude. 
  • This gives even more clarity. 
  • By engaging all your senses you are understanding your body and your purpose more each time. 
  • You feel fresh and more alive and even nourished by what is going on. 

This may even be a new addition to a family or a friend or family member who has just received devastating news.

Again, just stop and consciously be in understanding your body moment. This will give you the tools and insight of how to be with that event and the people involved in that event. Your presence will be calming even when there is drastic or immediate action to be taken. This stopping opens you to responding differently.

By understanding your body you become the light in any situation because you are fully present. You have at any time an opportunity to adjust what and how you feel. Become a deeper more meaningful human on your journey of self exploration and enjoyment in life.

You become a person people go to for real advice rather than just a chat or gossip.

Try this out let me know your results.

For guidance and practice of recognising new feelings and how to place them into real life join our Training interconnectedness group. Join us on our mission. of collaborating and co-ordinating together.