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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Sex Therapy here we work together using PERSON-CENTERED APPROACH.

Sex therapy; what happens here on your first appointment. t

Every human being has the capacity to shape their own life. You are supported in seeing your path clearly. Help promote human freedom in your interpersonal relationships.

Liberation of your spirit is at the core of this brand of sex therapy. Humans have the capacity to shape their own future within a loving and supportive environment. I create this environment for our appointment together. Purpose of relationships is to become the person as result of your experiences. Interpersonal aspects have been completely neglected by a society that just wants to tell you about you. Treating you as a captive animal that is not aware of himself.

Your PERSON CENTERED sex therapy time here begins by preparing you to meet your own soul and spirit in a very specific way.

A person holds within himself all knowledge and all the resources. For these elements to become active; that person needs people with complementary attributes that support this individual in growing strong within this lifetime he has come to life. You are introduced to a system of tapping into that wisdom embedded within your own cells. Despite your programming you do have this knowledge hardwired in you DNA. DNA tells you that you have a unique stamp. That there is no one like you. Your DNA belongs to you and your only. It makes perfect sense that within this DNA are unique characteristics that want to live as that DNA, not a shadow of someone else.

Here's a video of a transformation of this approach. In it a client is absolutely seeing his life as truth. It happened simply and easily. So easily that it's overwhelming.

Imagine yourself absolutely knowing your life rather than someone telling you to fit into someone else's model that has been artificially created. Artificially because according to your DNA you must live or you do not exist. Like teaching you to surf first on shore. Then we venture into your feelings (liken your feelings mind and emotions to the ocean of the surfer). Like a surfer. You learn to surf. Then you let the ocean create the environment you can enjoy. Naturally; a surfer always ensure the conditions are safe before entering the water. Those who do not or make a mistake in their assessment can encounter difficulties. Many, when they do get into trouble; their connection to the situation often will get them ashore safely. It's all a matter of awareness.

As your coach I'm here right with your to help you connect to this ability that is within each of us. I've lived this myself and have since refined it as a system of self acceptance and self discovery.

Concepts of Sexuality sex therapy takes you beyond the traditional approach of problem centered approach. 

Here together we identify simple things that you are currently doing that are persistently contributing to Relationship issues. In this video you get an insight of what personal freedom sex therapy feels like.

Many relationship issues have their roots in traumatic family experiences. Some events completely derail the soul from the body. They are so deeply suppressed that one often feels as if some part you is missing. This is when we encourage you to listen to the recordings on this site. In these recordings you can hear people describing that energy that is so loving and feels so very much part of them - that actual physical and emotional healing is experienced at that time.

Empty feelings;- feelings of disconnect and disassociation.

When your partner is not interested in intimacy, it's likely they are feeling empty. They are experiencing feelings loss and confusion. They are just as lonely as you are about this situation.

In Sex Therapy - We begin with where you are in your life right now.

Followed by strategy you implement daily to begin to turn your life around. In this video intensive training is explained by a participant.

During Concepts Sex Therapy, you'll discover precisely how you are re-living relationship issues. These insights affect every relationship regardless of it being family relations, intimate relationship or work colleagues interaction. Then you'll feel free to Explore your personal journey on earth. Your life is yours to have with people who want to love their choices in their life. A life that is deeper and more meaningful than you every expected.

Sex Therapy as a way of Reprogramming yourself to be present.

Followed by tuning into other parts of your body that are often neglected. These are vital to wanting and inviting pleasure. Often when you are disconnected from your pleasure center, desire for sex becomes either overwhelming or non existent. These disconnects express themselves differently in every person.

Many Tantric Sex Therapists have been victims of sexually repressive or sexually abusive relationships or families.

This leaves them open to exploitation. They are drawn to the spiritual marketing and become providers of sexual services.

These are deeply disconnected people stuck and being exploited.

I too have a background of being abused. For me those therapies feel limiting and never held any appeal. There does not appear to be any benefit of having your genitals massaged in order to heal past sexual traumas. I wanted a life not just be stuck in dealing with problems daily that do not empower anyone but a sex worker. Genital massage people have been provided a framework for their service. Because sex workers are in it because this makes an unaware person just follow the prompts. Even monkeys are smarter than that. Recent video of a monkey saving another monkey after electric shock killed it's friend. this monkey worked on it's friend for twenty minutes. The monkey (without any training) brought it's friend back to life even though an average human would have given up. When the monkey came back to life, it's mate did not stop there. Monkey continued to work on it til it could hold itself up. We can learn so much by opening our minds. So I researched and engaged in deeper levels of spirituality that freed me from limiting beliefs others continue to enforce. Yes human are dogmatic at enforcing the status quo on other humans. Those humans are mean because they believe they are right.

Life reflects your beliefs and I knew I had to change mine.

For example, a tantric sex therapist and coach (who travels the world teaching sex) has stated he has had sex with up to two thousand women. That was in 2014. Imagine how many lovers have been added to this two thousand. He believes he brings all of him to the loving. He has multiple lovers around him all day. That is a deep spiritual disconnect playing itself out in the world arena. People are so damaged and disconnected from their soul that he is seen as someone to learn spirituality from.

During your sex therapy session our main purpose is to bring you closer to being and living as a complete human being. Totally present with your soul spirit mind body and emotions. This is self empowerment. When you are all of these elements simultaneously you are more capable of better discernment. Choosing a therapist when you are deeply disconnected can be confusing and lead to being exploited.

How Sex Therapy reprogramming works.

We make loving such a serious issue because we have a certain expectation. We expect this one feeling and just one solution. This is where we are in self sabotage.

Sex Therapy for a man and woman begins by identifying who you really are that is present during sex.

When you want to experience sexual intimacy; every cell, flavor, sound,

We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant.

You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself.

You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it.

-- John Lennon

 color that extends beyond basic human experience. For Women to reconnect with their pleasure self first you want to know who you really are. Who within in you is being made love to. Every word you say, every thought you think affects you on every level. We explore the pleasure words that bring you to that place of being present with your sexual energy. This links you to your partners pleasure energy.

Tantra Gold Coast Relationship therapies Addressing;

  • -Anxiety.  
  • -Body image issues.  
  • -Relationship trauma.  
  • -Explore new ways of defining quality of relationships.  
  • -Sexual issues  
  • -PTSD is often at core of relationship issues.  
  • -Past or current Sexual Abuse is likely affecting the standard of relationships you are attracting.  
  • -During your therapies to speed advancement; You have opportunity to join our new group where people come together to actually learn how contribute to each other.