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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Resources here the primary focus is on Spanda, described a vibration/movement of consciousness.

Nothing exists without movement. It is the Resources puts the magnifyer on filter installed in us at birthmovement within that activates the merging of the two vibrations.

As we skim through the internet drawn to mysteries of the Tantra world, the words Lingam & Yoni appear constantly.

Have you ever questioned what is popular just to test the truth.

 Even Spanda has been messed with. In the hustle of competition, confusion is everywhere. Too much data. Let's define our resources and stick with them. Vision and clarity are the only reliabe tools..

The mystery of Lingam & Yoni is revealed here simply to clear up the confusion many face. These words have been profoundly misinterpreted by the western world when it actually stands for inseparability of male & female energy & totality of creation.

Concepts is here to support you in your search for the truth, there are just a few genuine teachers in any field. Tantra is no exception.

Humans are gullible. just tell them it's spiritual and they flock tResaourceso it in droves. They say a human who calls themselves goddess will teach you how to have sex and solve all your relationships problem. You buy into the stupid idea. The person most likely spent a day in training. Yes there are 10 day courses that make them the expert on everything in relationships. Humans have got to take a good look at what is being sold to them. The teachers take you for a fool and you let them.

Here an expert tells you true Linga from Vedic perspective. This will make you question the claims. There shall be no doubt about their existence within your own body.     

Through the feeling understanding sexual issues is simple with my guidance you'll clearly feel those feelings that this level of Tantra embraces.