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 Relationship Mastery & Healing Therapy Uncovers Deep Understanding of Who You Really Are



Fees are for deep transformation. Deep transformation means I take you beyond all past problems. Our commitment is to bring success to you here and now.

I intend to bring enormous value - first by bringing every aspect of you to the now. The past present and future. This is the skill I have developed. It is not something that is taught as a technique. Techniques are for machines not for evolving humans.

My priority is to get you out of your head that is stuck in the past. We do not continue to bring your past experiences into the present. The past is what is holding you back. It is only when you begin to apply what works in the here and now that we focus on. Only this will take you out of the past challenges or traumas.

We begin with new skills. I won't insult you by nurturing your inner child; you have already done that and it has not worked. Don't expect me to rehash what therapists you have been to told you. If it worked you would not be here. Your investment for the first TRANSFORMATIONAL appointment shall be discussed in our 20 minute free phone consultation.


We cannot create in the past. We respect the past and give it a small percentage of our time. But that is it. You past cannot be your future. We will engage in where you live in your new here and now.

We work on here and now and take action. I know you cannot do it alone. We do this together.

The only place transformation can happen is in the now - not in the past.

Together we work on what we need to achieve exactly what you want in the order that your life presents itself. These are areas you are not aware of. These are things that I see without a doubt and by the time we are done with the first session you will be ready to begin to bring that into your life.